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  At 21.30 the police central calls after a deer has been hit by a car close to housings in the city. It is beginning of summer and not fully dark outdoors. All vegetation was green, brushes were dense and the light was low so it could be difficult to observe an animal storming out on the road.  

  The accident site is clearly marked and it's relatively easy to see sign from the collision on the tarmac surface. The animal has slid on the road surface and at the side of the road and there are still some tufts of fur remaining at the site. All signs shows that the collision has been quite brutal and that the risk of severe animal injuries is eminent.  

  After dressing up Puzzel, she had to do the "nose work" and quite easily found a track out from the road into the surrounding bushes. After about 50 meters the animal was found dead at the foot of a tree.  

  As the distance to the road is short, I decided to return to the car and dress Assa in full working gear so she could have a full training run. She had to do a full search, from the accident site along the side of the road and pick up the trail out into the bushes. She's doing a great job and easily found the deer body.
This is a great way of training not only to follow the scent trail but also to get used to come in contact with the animal although it already is dead. She was also really interested when we brought the body back to our car.

In this case the work was done quite fast and the animal had probably not been suffering for any period of time, just left the road, lied down and died.



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