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for efficient animal tracking in practice and theory

NOSEWORKERS works with practical tracking when wild game are injured during hunting
and searching for animals that have been involved in road accidents.
We are part of the tracking-pool organized by the Swedish police for work with tracking animals
that have been injured by collisions with vehicles like cars or trains .

Noseworkers also organizes courses in animal tracking and dog-training for tracking as well as courses
for hunters in tracking work. The courses can be adopted to suit individual needs, like specialized dog
training, how to lay training tracks or different types of dog-work with GPS-support.

We are organizing official tracking tests in collaboration with Övre Norrlands Grythundsklubb, ÖNGK,
and Västerbottens Älghundklubb, VBÄK, in both classes of tests in the area of Umeå.

At the moment NOSEWORKERS "staff" consists  of 2 well merited and experienced tracking-dogs,

 Toots and Puzzel. They stand for experience and knowledge and will for the moment do all practical work
while the junior Stella still is in training and not used for real work yet.

Finally little Assa has landed in our flock. Still not old enough for serious training but we'll start
slowly during this summer when she's grown up a bit.
Behind the dogs are their handlers and proud owners Per Hörstedt and Maria Jonsson.

The latest veterans Pepsi and Zelda are unfortunately not with us any longer, instead they're taking
care of the tracking in dog-heaven together with all of their previous colleagues from our flock.

Here are some images from the daily work

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