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Here Pepsi is working with a search for a moose-calf that was severely injured during hunting.
It was an early autumn morning, the weather was really good and all conditions for working were perfect.
A fairly easy work for her and we could find and put the calf to sleep without any prolonged suffering.

She was always very focused and could never leave a job unfinished. Once we were tracking an injured
moose for more than 7 hours but she did not want to abort the work although it was totally dark and late at night.
 Luckily we could finish the search in the morning after, but it was not until then she could relax from this work.

Age slowly started to show, she was getting more tired and lost stamina. Very often we had to leave her at home
when we were out having fun or training and it became harder to se her sad face when she did not have
the strength to come along. It's always hard to decide when the dogs are not acutely ill, but after almost 13 years
of good life we had to accept that the quality of her life now was not good enough and she was sadly put to sleep.
She left us with an enormous sadness and a large empty space, but with only glad, warm and fantastic memories.

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