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SvCH Tjotte's Puzzle Piece


  Puzzel was very interested of everything that smells of wildlife, everything from a mice to a large moose. She was working very intense during tracking with her nose down to the ground and very responsive to the handler. She showed early the she was predisposed for animal tracking and grew up to be a reliable and sable working dog. She also turned out to be a good retriever.  
  Here she was working in full concentration tracking a deer and was not disturbed by other people in the area. Only one thing in her mind when working, follow the track.

Puzzel is tracking an injured deer after a collision with a car. As usual full of motivation but with no tendency of carelessness in her work. One of her main advantages was that she was very meticulous and never missed a sign in the tracks when working.

  A finished mission, this time tracking a moose injured by a car. After approximately 2,5 km before we could put the animal to sleep, and it felt really good considering the injuries the moose suffered from.
And as usual Puzzel performed calmly and used all her experiences we could close the work in a positive way.

After 12 fantastic years Puzzel grew old and tired, and finally the was almost out of all stamina. Truly a remarkable companion, incredibly reliable tracker with many hundred missions, but finally her body gave up and she was peacefully put to sleep. Really missed but with only wonderful memories.

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