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Sångfågelns Satine

  There was an unplanned emptiness in every way when Puzzel past away. As Assa is growing older, it was most suitable to try and find a youngster to incorporate into the flock. After a long time looking for a suitable choice Assa turned up at Tjotte's kennel. So Sota became a lively but not so obedience trained newcomer and she really sped up us all, especially Assa as she really missed Puzzel.  
  Sota showed rather early a real interest in all different forms of scent trails, and she began soon to develop her skills during tracking training. Somewhat uncertain to begin with, but rapidly developed a huge interest in tracking. She's still not experienced enough for real work, but she's done some easier trackings really well and has had good experience of meeting large moose during work.  
  Sota reminds a lot of Puzzel, very cool and calm indoors and she really likes to stretch out and relax on the couch. Outdoors, on the other hand, she's completely opposite. A lot of speed, always on the move and looks for things to play with or track. But after a full day outdoors it's quite nice to just lay down and have a rest.  
  She's often running around a little bit more independently and not always together with Assa. Scanning the terrain looking for scents that could be of interest to follow, but she's also very responsive and has full control over where we are and does not disappear on any longer excursions.  
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