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This is one of the earlier teams, unfortunately the veterans Pepsi and Zelda are not with us today.
After hopefully having had long and good lives, they've left us leaving large empty spaces at home.
Puzzel is now having an ordinary place in the team and has filled the void after them,
and is now fully in charge of the tracking together with Toots.

Today Puzzel and Toots are the workhorses and Stella is the budding talent under training.
Toots is close to retirement so Puzzels takes most of the tougher work. She has already proven having the capacity and
experience for really demanding work and is very reliable and cooperative.

Here the team of today is having fun together with a piece of wood.
It must not only be work, they have to have lots of time for playing around and just being free. Assa is still too young for
training but we will slowly start a bit later this summer. But for now there is nothing for her but being a pup and having fun.

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