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  Puzzel, Pepsi, Zelda and Tootsie.
This is one of the earlier groups, but unfortunately no one of these veterans is still with us any more. After long and most certainly good lives they have all four gone to sleep and left a huge emptiness behind.
At the time of the image, Puzzel had first spot in the team and filled the gap after Pepsi really well,  and took care of the tracking together with Tootsie.

  Puzzel, Tootsie and Stella.
In this constellation Puzzel and Toots were the work horses and the youngster Stella was in pretraining with limited experience. As Toots was getting rather old, Puzzel did most of the work. She had already shown that she could handle even the most commanding work and filled the gap after Pepsi and Zelda.
  Puzzel, Tootsie, Assa and Stella.
This time Assa has arrived and was a member of the flock. All four of the are out in the nature, making a lot of crazy tricks. Assa is still too young for serious training, but this will start during summer and fall later on. But for now, fooling around with the other dogs is excellent physical and psychological training.
  Puzzel, Tootsie, Stella and Assa.
All four together but it's not always easy to get them sitting together for a picture. Assa is normally almost never sitting still for any period of time. Instead she's always looking for something to play with. Sadly, Assa is the only one of them that still is with us, now fully grown up and has taken responsibility for the tracking.
  Sota and Assa.
Sota is the newcomer in the flock, and she has taken over after Puzzel. Assa is still the leader, but Sota has made real progress in training and has handled some easier work really good. But it is important that all is not about work, just playing around is equally important and luckily this is not any problem for these two.
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